How to Turn your Closet into CASH in Just 5 Easy Steps

I previously tried selling my clothes on sites such as Poshmark and Vinted, but the clothes I listed barely ever sold. It didn’t quite make sense to me that my clothes weren’t selling because there was nothing wrong with the clothing I listed. As a matter of fact,most of the items I listed were brand name and still had the tags on them! However, I recently found a better website to sell clothes on called UNItiques. 33% of all items sell as compared to Poshmark’s 7.5% which means your items are more likely to sell!

UNItiques is an awesome online platform where you can buy cute clothes at a fraction of the price or even sell your own and make some extra cash! UNItiques is mostly made up of college-aged women located in over 600 cities! Shipping is always FREE if you’re far away from the seller, but if you’re close by you’ll be able to pick it up safely on campus.

Another awesome thing about selling on UNItiques is that they do not take any commission – so you make all of the money you ask for when you sell an item! Instead of taking a percentage of the money you list your item for, UNItiques instead just raises the price a little bit. For example, say you list a shirt for $15. UNItiques will then raise the price to something such as $25. If your item sells, you then get the $15 you asked for and UNItiques gets the $10 they added onto your listing price in order to provide free shipping for both the seller and the buyer!

Here is how to sell your clothes on UNItiques:

1. Sign up for UNItiques.

Signing up for UNItiques is very simple. Sign up HERE and you will also be entered to win a semester of Starbucks!!!

Sign up for UNItiques.

2. Create your store.

First you have to create a name for your store, My store on UNItiques is just called “Lexx’s Store.” Second you have to upload a profile picture and a header to make your store more personal!

Shown below is my store and some of the items I am selling. (Don’t forget to check out my store on UNItiques here!!)

Create your store.

3. Take pictures of the clothes you want to sell.

Taking pictures is probably the most crucial step when selling clothes online. People aren’t going to want to buy your clothes if the pictures aren’t good. It is important to take quality pictures of your clothing. The best advice I can give is to only take pictures in natural lighting. Natural lighting will provide the best representation of what the clothing truly looks like. You may take pictures of the clothes on a person or you can take flat lays. (Picture examples of mine shown below.)

4. Determine how much you want to sell your clothes for.

Determining the price for each item is also key. The best advice I received regarding pricing my items was from Alex Shadrow, the founder and CEO of UNItiques. Alex told me to list products from name brand, such as Burberry and Lilly Pulitzer, for around 50%-75% off and to sell products from other brands, such as Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, for no more than around $25. Alex said these two pricing guidelines are key in order to have your item sell fast! (Pictured below are two examples from my store on UNItiques.)

5. Finally… List your clothing.

Listing an item takes 9 quick and easy steps!

  1. Upload picture(s) of the item.
  2. Come up with a name for the item you are selling.
  3. Provide the brand of which the item is from.
  4. Write a description for the item. Make sure to include if the product you are selling is New With Tags (NWT), New Without Tags (NWOT), has any flaws such as pulls in the fabric or loose buttons, and any additional info you would like to mention about the item such as the size.
  5. Enter the weight of the item. Alex Shadrow also gave me advice for entering the weight. Alex told me that shirts are always 1 lb. or less, most shoes are 1 lb. (unless they are bigger like Doc Martens,) jeans are 1 lb., and jackets (such as North Face) are also 1lb..
  6. Enter the amount you want to sell your product for.
  7. Enter the original cost of your item. (Estimate if you are not 100% sure.)
  8. Choose the category and size for your item. You may choose more than one category or size.
  9. Select shipping/pick up options. (Pick up is only available if you are a college student and you confirm your college email.)

Finally... List your item.

Don’t forget to check out my store on UNItiques HERE and check out the items I’m selling!!

Author: Lexx Godwin

20 year old Fashion Merchandising and Management Major from Philadelphia, PA

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