Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Sites

Yes, we are all exceptionally well in certain areas of doing our makeup, hair, and picking out what to wear, but let’s be honest with ourselves – We could all use a little bit of help. Listed below are the top 5 beauty and fashion sites I visit to get some suggestions, to learn new things, and to see what is trending.

  1. – This website is extremely useful and has a wide variety of topics to read about.
  2. – Naturally, Vogue is a no-brainer.
  3. – This site is very helpful especially if you are looking for a new technique for your makeup routine!
  4. – Allure is not only a great magazine, but it is also a great website to read with many interesting articles to read!
  5. – This is a great website to look up products and how much they cost, and also to see what is trending!

I am recommending these websites because I use them quite often. If you visit any other useful websites that you particularly like, please comment them on this post!

The New Face of Maybelline?

Yes, you heard right. Maybelline has found a new face for their company and her name is Gigi Hadid. It’s becoming easier and easier to be discovered. Nineteen year old Hadid and her best friend Kendall Jenner have recently started new careers thanks to their popularity on social media.

Having millions of followers who are interested in your every move is apparently the new way for prestigious companies to find new faces to show off their products. Of course, with Hadid’s past work with Marc Jacobs and Chanel, and being on the cover of multiple magazines, this was an obviously easy decision for Maybelline. With Hadid’s youth and natural beauty, she is sure to bring more success to Maybelline.

gigi hadid 2

Gigi Hadid – New Spokesperson for Maybelline *Photo courtesy to Maybelline*