YouTube Channel?!Β 

Hey guys! I am officially done school tomorrow which means I’ll have much more time on my hands!! My friends and I were talking and they all want me to start a YouTube channel, but I’m slightly skeptical. On the channel I would do beauty videos (of course), but I would also have some DIYs, hauls, and other similar things. 

I am making this post to see if anyone would be interested and would watch the videos!!!  Please respond and let me know!! (If you support a YouTube channel — comment a video idea!!) 
xoxo Alexis ❀️

Summer: Cute Bikinis Under $100!

Sorry for not posting much recently! This week is my finals week so I have been quite busy.

Since summer is almost here I figured I would make a list of cute bikinis under $100! πŸ™‚

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